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Avocet Aerospace Technologies is a Canadian based Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), dedicated to providing our customers with aeronautical products repair and overhaul services to meet the highest standards of quality and airworthiness.

Avocet Aerospace Technologies is a global provider in overhaul, lease and exchange of landing gears for commercial and regional aircraft and hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical components for wide and narrow body aircraft.

Avocet Aerospace Technologies Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with quality component overhaul support for various aircraft types including Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Embraer, Twin Otter and others. Avocet Aerospace Technologies overhaul capabilities include landing gear, wheels, brakes, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components for all aircraft types supported. Being Transport Canada and EASA approved allows Avocet Aerospace Technologies Inc. to service various fleet types worldwide.

Landing Gear

Avocet Aerospace Technologies Inc. has extensive experience in overhauling landing gear assemblies. These include main gear, nose gear, drag struts, side braces and steering components.


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